Sitio da Camara Municipal de Lisboa






In Lisbon, there are several expositive spaces dedicated to urban art where any artist can work freely and others where the artists can apply by sending a proposal, presenting their portfolio/project. 




  1.  At Largo da Oliveirinha (near Calçada da Glória) the access is free and doesn't need for a permission. This exhibition space is an extension of Calçada da Glória nucleus, formed by two sequences of wood panels installed from the de floor, at the end of Travessa do Fala-Só and the nascent side of Largo da Oliveirinha. This area is dedicated to spontaneous artistic interventions.

  2. At Calçada da Glória (near the S. Pedro de Alcântara gazebo) there are 7 panels under the management of GAU, where you can intervene with your artwork under previous contact with GAU (by sending an email with your request and with the proposal/sketch for

  3. Project Reciclar o Olhar - Intervenção artística em vidrões (translates to Recycling the sight - An artistic intervention on bottle banks/bottle recycling bins. The bottle bins existing in Lisbon can be painted every time GAU makes an Open Call,  which usually happens 2 or 3 times a year. Anyone can participate in this initiative, even if you have no artistic experience by sending a proposal with the location of the bottle bin that you want to paint, with a sketch and brief description text for

  4. GAU periodically releases contests for Urban Art pieces executions. These contests are announced at GAU website ( and also on facebook -

  5. It is also possible to intervene in new locations, by presenting a project of recognized interest to the city, wich will be analyzed individually. If you want to choose this type of intervention, you have to follow these requirements: 





  • Choose the location/ support; 
  • Present to GAU of the Departamento de Património Cultural  (Department of Cultural Heritage) an  intervention proposal, composed by: 





Descriptive memory, mentioning: 



    - Desired location (address, site plan, photography);


    - Intervention's Characterization (motifs, color scheme, materials); 


    - Timings for the art piece execution;


    - Small personal portfolio, with your most important artworks (or a link to a website, where they can be seen);


    - Model of the artwork to be;


    - Visual mock-up (photo montage), that can foresee how the final work will look like and it's surrounding context integration.



The Galeria de Arte Urbana of the Departamento de Património Cultural from CML will make a first evaluation of the proposal, in the aspects of artistic virtue and the projectÕs integration in the urban landscape and the support itself. If the evaluation is positive, the DPC will follow the diligence needed with the other municipal entities (like Parish Council, Intervention Territorial Units, Commission of Appreciation of Projects in Municipal Heritage, among others) with competence in the matter. At the end of this process, and if all the feedbacks are positive, the DPC will issue an authorization that legitimates the intervention. 


GAU (Largo da Oliveirinha)

Formed by two sequences of wood panels installed from the floor. It is dedicated to spontaneous artistic interventions, without authorization.