Sitio da Camara Municipal de Lisboa
Street Art Collection | Público e Editora Levoir

The collection "Street Art, a Jornal Público and Editora Levoir innicitiave,  with GAUs support, it's already in stores. The launch event took place last Friday, on the march 17th, at the brand-new Jornal Público Auditorium.

Apart from de launch of the first volume of this 5 book collection dedicated to the history of urban art, the event also had a live creation of an artwork by the artista AKACORLEONE and Kruella d'Enfer. In the event, there was also a photographic exhibition in celebrating Jornal Público 25th Anniversary, with the visit at the art piece "olhar" by Vhils and an informal talk about urban art between elements from Jornal Público, Editora LeVoir, GAU and the platform Underdogs.

It is with great satisfaction that GAU associates itself to this collection, the first one in Portuguese about the history of graffiti and street art, techniques and imaginary. We hope to reach a large portion of the public, encouraging reflection and the discussion about urban art.