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Awareness Action in Urban Art: Peer Formation

Here we share some of the images of the Sensitization in Urban Art in the Padre Cruz Neighborhood: "Training of Peers - Local Partners", which began on November 7 and will run until the next 25th, integrating theoretical and practical sessions (including guided tours) .

The credits of the best photos are of the graduates to whom we thank the enthusiasm and motivation they have shown!

The initiative of the Urban Art Gallery of the Department of Cultural Heritage and the Department of Development and Training of CMLisboa, counts on the partnership of Carnide Parish Assembly, Residents' Association of the Bairro Cruz, Carnide Parish Council and the project BIP ZIP "Creating Change through Urban Art" of the association Boutique da Cultura and Crescer A Cores - Associação de Solidariedade Social.

At the end of this awareness raising session participants should be able to take a guided tour of the set of urban art pieces located in the Padre Cruz neighborhood, held in the context of the "MURO Lx_2016" - International Festival of Urban Art "and the BIP ZiP project" Creating Change Through Urban Art ".