Sitio da Camara Municipal de Lisboa
30 years Associação José Afonso

The AJA Lisbon Nucleus -  José Afonso Association in partnership with Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, promotes during 2017 a group of initiatives intended to mark the association's 30th anniversary.

For this celebration, Galeria de Arte Urbana promoted the realization of an urban art exhibition in tribute to José Afonso, at Calçada da Glória Panels, with the participation of the artists Dalaima, Telmo Alcobia and Youthone. The Brasilian artist Utopia Graffiti spontaneously made his generous intervention, inspired in the universe of José Afonso.

The urban art pieces will tour around different schools across the country, fulfilling the mains objectives of this institution "letting the younger generations know the role of José Afonso and promoting his work". Here we share some images, made in the last April's 25th, one of the best days to celebrate the memory of José Afonso, creativity, and liberty.