Sitio da Camara Municipal de Lisboa
LisbonWeek 2017 in Lumiar

The "LisbonWeek" event offers new art pieces to Lisbon. In 2017 Urban Art will be one of the focus at the 4ª edition of LisbonWeek, with varied contemporary artistic interventions that promise to transfigure the walls and facades of Lumiar and contrast with buildings two centuries hold. 

With the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, Gebalis, Alta de Lisboa, GS1 Portugal, Gray Line sponsorships and with the support of Galeria de Arte Urbana, LisbonWeek puts Lumiar on the city's route of public art offering pieces of art that will remain permanently on the streets. 

Invited by LisbonWeek, the Argentinian artist Filipe Pantone - represented in Portugal by the Underdogs Gallery- took into a 45 meters height platform were he expressed his creativity in a building's facade at Praça Bernardino Machado. The vibrant patterns, conjugated with geometric elements, in association with the chromatism of technological devices, made the perfect bridge with the old Tobis Studios, located across the gable.

RAF (Rui Alexandre Ferreira) returns to the Eixo Central Roundabound, where he already had made an artistic intervention, facing new challenges and interpretations for his crows left there in 2013. This time the artist inspired himself in the fusion between the origami technique and the low poly, exploring the use of color and playing with dimensionality to create a visual effect of the crows flying away. 

The Portuguese Francisco Vidal, worked between spray cans and acrylic paint, modeling a facade from a building in the Alameda da Musica. The  work started weeks before, with the artists search for influences and inspiration through the local community. Starting with a workshop with a group of young adults of the Musgeira's Social Center the inspiration grew for Vidal's art piece, supported by the Galeria Lumiar Cité.

Diogo Machado, or Add Fuel as he is known in the art community, is responsible for the decoration of the LibonWeek's bus from Gray line. Starting from the reinterpretation of the traditional Portuguese tile painting, his trademark, the artist inspired himself in the typical city patterns and, more specific at Lumiar's urban sights, to develop a creative proposal that plays with traditional and contemporary elements.

During the days where the LisbonWeek Event takes place, two sculptures of Robert Panda will be in exhibition at the Jardim de Telheiras. Entitle "Estúpidos" (in English Stupids) made of paste from different materials, they will surely make an impact on the community not only because of their large proportions but also their unique shape.

The production of the artistic interventions, that starts now gain color and movement, will occur during the month of March in different places of the Lumiar's parish. To those interested or just curious, are invited to watch the creating process of a 'outdoor museum' that can be visited, following a bus route, during the weekends that LisbonWeek is happening, from March 25th and 26th and April's 1st and 2nd. Apart from the visit to the new interventions, the circuit takes us to know other works already done by Vhils, Vanessa Teodoro and Ricardo Guerreiro in Lumiar.

All the trips to the Lumiar's universe, as well as all the information for the purchase of tickets to LisbonWeeek can be accessed at, and in all the official social platforms available Facebook (Lisbonweek) and Instagram (@lisbonweek). In each edition LisbonWeek invites us to rediscover this Lisbon's neighborhood, highlighting their well-kept treasures, telling their stories and providing an enriching experience to the visitors. For 10 days, starting on March 25th, that destiny is the Lumiar.