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Festival TODOS 2023

During the end of August and beginning of September, Ameixoeira and Charneca were the stage for the 15th Edition of the Todos Festival. This featured activities linked to the most varied cultural areas, such as music, theater, dance, cinema, photography and street art.

With the support of Galeria de Arte Urbana, between the 3rd and 7th of September, Alice Pasquini, the renowned Italian contemporary artist whose work focuses on urban surfaces, galleries and museums all over the world, left her mark on the parish of Santa Clara through a course of nine site-specific interventions in spaces such as windows, doors and electricity boxes, drawing inspiration from its emotions and relationships with the people of the parish.

These are their locations:
- Campo das Amoreiras (Cine Estrela and Headquarters of the Charneca Musical and Artistic Band);
- Charneca Community Development Center (Azinhaga do Reguengo 20);
- R. Artur Ramos 14 (Ameixoeira Cultural Center);
- R. Carlos Henrique 6 (Groceries - Café Papaia Dourada);
- Largo das Galinheiras (Nuclisol Jean Peaget Galinheiras);
- R. Raul Rego 8 - Association of residents of Per 11 (technical shack);

In order to present these works, on September 9th at 4pm a guided tour began to see the artist's interventions, whose starting point was the Per11 Games court.

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