Sitio da Camara Municipal de Lisboa
"ARMosphere", ARM Collective in Lisbon

The writers Gonçalo Ribeiro, Aka MAR and Miguel RAM inaugurated, at the late March 18th, in Lisbon, the project "ARMosphere". It's their first exhibition as ARMcollective after 16 years of working together. The sample, that will be present at Mona - Loja de Ideias (Rua das Janelas Verdes number 70), up until the April 18th, has the support of GAU and is composed entirely of outstanding and new works of art made especially for the occasion, including a mural in Amoreiras area (at Rua do Meio ao Arco do Carvalho). Here we share some images of the execution process and finalization of the art piece, as well as pictures of the inauguration where GAU was present!

About the artists and the exhibition: MAR and RAM started to paint together in 2001 and, in 2006, assumed the name ARM Collective.

Their individual work matured and they grew as artists gathering their individual visions in 'ARMosphere'. There are 2 series of 5 canvas of each, with a very peculiar narrative, forged to move depending on the perspective of the observer. An invitation to a journey full of limitless cosmic narratives, stylized sidereal refractions, and multidimensional interstellar figures. ARMosphere consists in a material dialog made at four arms undertaken by this singular duo with a diversified reach. One creates the universe where the characters of the other one dwell, breathe and travel. Two universes connected in ten canvas and a mural, because the streets were where they grew up, and it is in the streets where they feel more comfortable. Lisbon already breaths and travels with the inevitable art pieces of these artists, either in a duo or in their individual universes.