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The 5th edition of MURO Festival de Arte Urbana LX_2023 is coming up.

More than 30 urban artists








THE WALL | Urban Art Festival LX_2023 dedicates its 5th edition to the theme of mobility with interventions in Cais do Sodré, Alcântara and Belém.
THE WALL THAT MOVES US, runs between October 20th and 29th.

On October 20th we will celebrate urban art against the backdrop of mobility, a central and transformative theme of Lisbon and the world, for the 5th edition of MURO | Urban Art Festival LX_2023, an initiative of Lisbon City Council.
A city for people, accessible, connected, that promotes efficient and comfortable mobility, centered on their needs and at the same time sustainable, will set the tone for the artistic intervention of urban art that the Municipal Directorate of Culture will promote, through the Gallery of Urban art.
Thus, MURO LX_2023, itself a pioneer tool of mobility since the first edition, of urban regeneration, socio-community and artistic intervention, in the city of Lisbon, will intervene on the Cais do Sodré – Alcântara – Belém axis and contribute to visibility not only urban art by national and foreign artists, residents and non-residents of Lisbon, as well as the infrastructure that makes mobility possible in this territory.
A train, a block party, a pedestrian crossing, a cinema exhibition, train stations, a skatepark, two halls of fames and lots of painting, talks in which Urban Art takes the main role.
The complete program of MURO LX_23, as well as the festival's parallel programming, will be announced soon.
THE WALL | Urban Art Festival LX_23, is an initiative of the Urban Art Gallery of Lisbon City Council, developed in partnership with the parish councils of Alcântara, Belém, Estrela and Misericórdia, the Alcântara Municipal Library and the Municipal Video Archive.

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