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The 4th edition of MURO Festival de Arte Urbana LX_2021 is coming up, with more than 30 national and foreign artists

More than 30 urban artists

25 urban art interventions

2 exhibitions

1 installation

1 workshop

Parque das Nações, Lisbon from 3 to 11 July

The 4th edition of MURO Festival de Arte Urbana LX_2021, organized by the Lisbon City Hall in co-production with Junta de Freguesia do Parque das Nações and Gebalis, brings more than 30 national and foreign artists that, individually or collectively, will create 24 urban art interventions at Parque das Nações, and present two exhibitions, two installations and a workshop.
The artistic interventions can be visited from the first weekend of the festival, free of charge or using the routes available on the website and, on the second weekend, there will be guided tours (9, 10 and 11 July), on foot or by bicycle.
The 4th edition of MURO LX_2021 encompasses artists debuting in Portugal or in Lisbon, established names and emerging names, and a diversity of proposals and artistic genres, with a strong presence of graffiti, which are already visible all over Parque das Nações, on pillars of the Vasco da Gama Bridge, basketball courts, building gables, pedestrian crossings and train walls. Some of the 24 interventions are already completely finished and, from this week on, and until the end of the festival, Lisbon and the Parque das Nações will see the birth, one by one, of the interventions proposed by the remaining artists.

With the motto THE WALL THAT (RE)UNITE US, a meeting provoked by the transforming force of urban art in our capital, MURO LX_2021 presents three programming nuclei in three areas of Parque das Nações and a meeting point: the Gare do Oriente.

The Multiculturalism nucleus, in Casal dos Machados, interconnects the concepts of community, nations, cultures and equality through interventions on building gables and walls by the three winners of the MURO LX_2021 Artist Open Call, Juan José Surace, MOTS and Rocket01, by Colectivo Rua (intervention already concluded in Rua Padre Joaquim Alves Correia), D*Face (intervention already concluded in Av. Aquilino Ribeiro Machado), IAmEelco, Los Pepes, Nark, Pedro Podre and Stom500.

The Sustainability nucleus, at Av. de Pádua, highlights the constant increase in the quality of the environment and life in Lisbon, often mediated by the arts, with interventions by the artists Bordallo II, who will present a new intervention, the Visegrado Group - Mikołaj Rejs (PL), Fat Heat (HU), Tomáš Junker aka Pauser (CZ) and Dupla RCLS (SK) - Jacqueline de Montaigne, Krus and Thiago Mazza.

The nucleus of Urban Culture, in Parque Tejo, comes to highlight the so peculiar strength that MURO LX_2021 exerts as a meeting and crossing factor through a strong presence of graffiti on the pillars and wall of Vasco da Gama Bridge, as well as on the basketball courts to be created and on the Skatepark. Besides the Portuguese writer Odeith, and the Columbian writer Zurik, the artists Nuno Viegas, the collective Thunders - which includes Bray, Chure, Monster, Klit, Mar and Mosaik - and Trafic will also be present.

Gare do Oriente is the meeting point of the MURO LX_2021 festival, where it is possible to visit two exhibitions: Obliquity by Odeith and Karma by Crack Kids, as well as the installations Around by Fahr021.3 and Before I Die by Rita Cabaço.

Artistic Interventions
Free Access

Multiculturalism Nucleus - Casal dos Machados neighbourhood (Opens external link in new windowGoogle Maps)
Sustainability Nucleus - Pádua Avenue (Opens external link in new windowGoogle Maps)
Urban Culture Nucleus - Tejo Park (Opens external link in new windowGoogle Maps)


Obliquity - Odeith
Gare do Oriente
Free access
Monday to Friday: 15h-20h

Weekend: 10h-12h30 / 14h-15h30

Karma - Crack Kids
Gare do Oriente
Free admission
10am to 9pm


Around - Fahr021.3
Gare do Oriente
Free Access
10am to 9pm

Guided Tours
Free, subject to booking. Send email to Opens window for sending

Friday 9th July
Tagus Park 16h-18h
Casal dos Machados 16h-18h
Av. Pádua 16h-18h

Saturday 10th July
Tagus Park 10h00-12h00,16h00-18h00
Casal dos Machados 10h-12h, 16h-18h
Av. Pádua 10h-12h

Sunday 11th  July
Tagus Park 10am-12pm, 4pm-6pm
Casal dos Machados 10h-12h, 16h-18h
Av. Pádua 10h-12h, 16h-18h

To book a the guided tour please send an email with your name, number of people, date and time required to: Opens window for sending The reply to the email is the booking reservation.

Letters Soup
João Varela
Free of charge, upon reservation
Nº of participants: 6 to 8 per 1 hour block

The workshop's main goal is to experiment and contact with several common urban art techniques, such as stencil, paste-up, calligraphy with plastic paint and spray.

Saturday and Sunday, 3rd and 4th July
Location: Bairro Casal dos Machados
Morning: 10h30-11h30,12h-13h
Afternoon: 14h30-15h30, 16h-17h, 17h-18h

Saturday and Sunday, 10th and 11th July
Location: Tagus Park
Morning: 10h30-11h30, 12h-13h
Afternoon: 14h30-15h30, 16h-17h, 17h-18h

To book the workshop send an email with name, number of people, date and time required to: Opens window for sending The reply to the email is the booking reservation.

The programme may have changes, according to the Public Health measures in force.

All information will soon be available at Opens external link in new



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