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The winners of the international opencall Artist MURO LX_21 are...

Juan José Surace with String Quartet (absolute debut in Portugal)

MOTS (Diogo Ruas and Jagoda Cierniak) with Florescer (Premiere in Lisbon)

Rocket01 with The world is in your hands (Premiere in Lisbon)

Given the high number of applications - which more than quintupled since 2019 - the jury of the international Open Call Artist MURO LX_21 decided to select three winners, one more than expected, for this 3rd edition of the Open Call.

The reknown Argentinean artist Juan José Surace debuts in Portugal with the Open Call Artist MURO LX_21 with the String Quartet intervention proposal. Juan José Surace began his career as an artist as a self-taught student, having later found in traditional and 3D animation his vocation. He was also the director of the short film La Confession de Saudi, which premiered in 62 festivals around the world, winning 5 international awards. Since 2017 Juan José Surace has dedicated his work to interventions in public space, having painted murals in Spain, Argentina, the U.S. and France. The artist describes String Quartet as "a place of encounter, dialogue and understanding between cultures. In the composition we see five animals from five different continents with traditional instruments from each region, immersed in a musical improvisation that symbolizes the possible union through art."

MOTS, based in Porto, was another winner of the Open Call Artist MURO LX_21, with the proposal Florescer, which marks MOTS' debut in Lisbon. MOTS is composed by Portuguese painter and illustrator Diogo Ruas, and Polish photographer and project coordinator Jagoda Cierniak. Their collaboration merged their individual approaches characterized by Diogo's experience as an urban artist and Jagoda's involvement in artistic and grassroots projects. In Florescer, MOTS features the flowers Vernonia Djalonensis, Markhamia Zanzibarica, Cattleya Labiata, Sunflower, Lotus and Gerbera Daisy, originating from Guinea, Mozambique, Brazil, Ukraine, Macau and Cape Verde. "These are the countries of origin of most immigrants that come to Portugal. In a symbolic way, we wanted to represent the people who are part of the nation, who make Portugal culturally richer, but still have to face the struggle of social inequalities," describes MOTS.

Rocket01 is Christopher Butcher, the British urban artist, also based in Porto, who started spray-painting in 1994 in his hometown in rural northern England. After exploring abandoned buildings, he studied fine art and began his career as an artist, identifying as his main influences the natural world, plants, animals, combined with modern scientific developments and a love of science-fiction. The world is in your hands is, according to Rocket01, a drawing that covers the themes of the festival: "Through a strong female figure, I wanted to show that the world, its nations, cultures and environments, are really in our hands when we hold the globe. But by wrapping the figure in plants, I show that we are also in the hands of nature. The plants and flowers are part of us and we rely deeply on them, this is shown through the connection with the helmet. The large circle illustrates the cycle of life, recycling, reuse, and the environments of the sky and Earth's marine space. The woman also wears two badges, for peace and for recycling."


The three winners (or groups of winners) will receive a fee of € 6,300.00 + VAT to implement their interventions in three gables in the Casal dos Machados neighborhood in Parque das Nações, Lisbon. The artists will arrive to Lisbon in mid-June to carry out the interventions.
The international Open Call Artist MURO LX_21 received this year 101 applications, with a total of 138 proposals, of which 134 were validated and admitted to the Open Call. In total, 118 artists from 20 nationalities participated in the Open Call (Angola, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Indonesia, England, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, Uruguay - Portuguese, Spanish and Brazilian artists being the most predominant).
This greater internationalization of the Open Call Artist MURO LX_21 confirms the international projection that Lisbon and urban art have gained through the work developed by MURO - Urban Art Festival and by the Urban Art Gallery of the Lisbon City Council, to which can be added the unequivocal success of Portuguese urban artists, who are today undeniable names on the international level, such as Vhils, Bordalo II, Odeith and AddFuel, among others.
The Open Call Artist MURO LX_21 is also in line with the theme chosen for the winning interventions, which will be implemented in three gables of Casal dos Machados, in Parque das Nações: the core of Multiculturalism - people, cultures, nations and the richness of diversity.
With the theme The Wall that (re) unites us, the 4th edition of the MURO LX_21 festival highlights the transforming force of urban art in our capital and the encounter between artists, artistic interventions, communities and audiences. Around 30 national and international artists will perform interventions in the three programming nuclei defined in the Parque das Nações area: Multiculturalism, in Casal dos Machados, Sustainability in Av. Pádua and Urban Culture in Parque Tejo, to which is added the Gare do Oriente as a point of (re)union.
MURO Festival de Arte Urbana LX_21 is an initiative of the Opens external link in new windowUrban Art Gallery of the Lisbon City Council, developed this year in co-production with the Opens external link in new windowParish Council of Parque das Nações and Opens external link in new windowGebalis.

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